• Why does my lower back hurt?
    12/03/2014 by Jose Physio

    Most of us develop lower back pain at some point in our lives, which can often be accompanied by some leg pain also know as sciatica. One of the causes is pressure on the sciatic nerve by a damaged disc, but there other sources of pain, such as the joints, ligaments and even muscles. Despite intense pain on occasions, most of us will get better within four months. Medical research shows that staying active plays a very important role in getting better.

    Some tips to help you if you start experience low back pain:
    • Stay active but avoid movements that make the pain worse, walking is generally ok.
    • When you get up in the morning, DO NOT bend the back forwards for the first couple bend knees.
    • If there is leg pain, AVOID stretching. Nerves like gentle movement but no stretching.

    McKenzie exercises - lying on your tummy and gently extend elbows can help to reduce the leg pain, repeat up to 10 times every couple of hours or as required. Make sure your pelvis and legs remain relaxed. Don’t push it too hard, it is all about facilitating movement.If the symptoms persist or increase, check with your Doctor or Physiotherapist. Pain is a “friend” it is our body’s warning system that something is not right. It is likely to be mechanical so movement is going to be the best way out of it.